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Welcome! Do you know that decades of research show that when parents are involved at the school, students have:

  • Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates
  • Better school attendance
  • Increased motivation, better self-esteem
  • Lower rates of suspension
  • Decreased use of drugs and alcohol
  • Fewer instances of violent behavior

Studies show the effect is multiplied when fathers volunteer at their child’s school. The VRE Dads’ Club is a way for fathers of VRE students to participate more fully in their children’s education and to help raise money for school technology. The time commitment isn’t big, maybe an hour or two per month, but the benefits are huge and lasting, and the events are enjoyable and personally satisfying. So subscribe to the mailing list at right to start receiving meeting and event notifications, and commit to help strengthen your student’s educational environment; you’ll be glad you did!